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What will you do for me?

You can use our ready-made itineraries, have us custom plan to to your top priorities,  or just use our planning tools to do it yourself.

It's really up tp you! We just want you to enjoy your travel experience within your resources, without regrets.


How do I know where is safe to go and where is not?

You can check with your country’s government travel advisory website.

in Australia, see smarttraveller.gov.au


Is it better to get cheaper transportation or more comfortable?

Of course, it depends on your circumstances, physical condition, priorities, and risks, but generally:

  • younger people better tolerate (even enjoy the experiences) and can better afford less costly travel
  • more limited-time travellers need more comfort to make best use of their limited time. Also, since they will do less, they can often afford the comfort
  • families have more travellers, so more expenses, so cost-sensitivity makes sense
  • older travellers may need to reduce physical risks, limits, or simply feel they ‘deserve to be comfortable

Whatever you choose, it pays to know your time-and-money budget, top priorities, and options.

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